Comparative Genomics of extinct & extant groups

Modern DNA technological approaches have progressed in such a way that we have been able to find homology among organisms and trace for evolutionary mechanisms even for a fate of a few nucleotides and also estimate the path and time of evolutionary diversions among various organisms. Not only from anthropological point of view, but also from homology of DNA sequences we have proved that Homo sapiens arose after hybridization in between two species of Homo. Furthermore, detailed investigations on DNA isolated from the fossil bones (fossilized bone marrow) biologists and biochemists have established modes of origin of Neanderthal and other Homo species including Homo sapiens. Among plants, DNA samples obtained from many fern genera and also among grasses, evolutionary biologists have offered new pathways for the emergence of new and related genera and species. Papers dealing with the fossil group and intimately related extant genera or species would be welcome for this session