Bioinformatics and Data Analysis

The plant co-expression is a new internet-based database for plant gene analysis ... A typical co-expressed gene can generate many lists of co-expression data that contain hundreds of genes of interest for enrichment analysis. Also, co-expressed genes can be identified and cataloged in terms of comparative genomics by using the ‘Co-expression gene compare’ feature. This analysis will help interpret experimental data and determine whether there is a common term to those genes.

  • Bioinformatics analysis and challenges
  • Use of genomic data for candidate genes
  • Identifying novel functional genes
  • Application of bioinformatics software for DNA / RNA analysis
  • Computational systems for modelling and visualisation of information
  • Cloud computing and storage solutions
  • Industry applications of the latest genomic technologies
  • Collaborations and how they can drive plant research
  • Insight into regulatory challenges